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Burgdorf’s Winery Re-BrandingBurgdorf’s Winery Re-BrandingBurgdorf’s Winery Re-BrandingBurgdorf’s Winery Re-Branding

On 06, Jan 2013 | No Comments | In | By jkcreate

Burgdorf’s Winery Re-Branding

Burgdorf’s Winery wanted to update their look to reflect the high quality tastes of their wines by moving from a “country winery” appearance to a more elegant, modern – but still slightly relaxed – look. To keep things simple and bold, they requested a color combination of black and white with accents of their signature red.

The logo uses Scriptina as a structural base for the font, then I modified the characters to be thicker, straighter, and have less ornamental swirls. This cleans up and bolds the look, makes it more readable, and more relaxed.

For their label, I utilized the shape of a triangle to draw the consumer’s eyes directly to the winery’s logo. Within the black triangle you find the wine variety, where it is made (Michigan), and the other vital information. The logo stands out in the white section with the slogan “A Moment in Wine” playing across the top. Information about the wine and winery are found on the left side of the label, along with website information and a QR code. On the right is the government warning as well as other contact information.

The business card reflects the style of label with the logo balancing at the top of the triangle, and all contact information being within the black space.


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