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Massive Audio CatalogMassive Audio CatalogMassive Audio CatalogMassive Audio Catalog

By jkcreate

On 20, Feb 2013 | In | By jkcreate

Massive Audio Catalog

This project was Massive Audio’s 2013 product catalog, and it was one of the more intense projects I have worked on. There was a lot of information requiring extensive attention to detail, but the results were worth it! My favorite part to work on was the feature page that shows an orange Mustang that had been “souped up” with Massive gear by one of their clients. To make this page pop, I had to do a fair amount of doctoring to the original photo (see below).


It was very interesting to piece together each page layout in a way that followed a consistent theme, while still being able to fit the extensive product details and images. One giant puzzle! This is certainly a project I’m glad to have had the experience of working on.